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The word Abhyarthi is the combination of two Sanskrit words: Abhyas+Arthi, which means Study Seeker. Abhyarthi is all about students, their career & their success. Abhyarthi is a Career Academy for JEE, NEET, AIIMS, and foundation classes for 8th, 9th & 10th Standard. Abhyarthi is the first Institute of its kind in East Ahmedabad, where such education is inculcated with commitment, trust, experience, and compliance. Here you will find complete guidance and a career path for your aspirant with qualified and experienced faculties. We assure you Success as our Tagline is “Success, nothing else.” Abhyarthi is the temple where knowledge meets curiosity. Here the priority is given to hard work in the proper way. We want to convert every dream into a success story. We deliver what you deserve.


To be the most recommended center in the educational world that provides the most effective and advanced education to its students by its errorless teaching method.


To provide beyond quality education with focused learning that prepares students for academic as well as life success.

From Ceo’s desk

I started my career as a Teacher in 1997. In the very beginning, teaching was my hobby, and then it became my profession. I have seen many ups and downs in the education field. Syllabus, Examination System, Question paper pattern, Preliminary exams, entrance exams, etc., have changed frequently, which also affected student’s minds. However, this one thought was always in mind that the students must get the best result with the efforts of teachers, and parents must be relaxed and satisfied. This is the least that should be done.

Let me tell you something about myself, a student may lose his hopes or get disappointed, but I never give up on my efforts. I always say that you can’t make someone pleased with your work until you are not satisfied with that work. I have seen students with dreams, aims, hard work, success, depression, and again bounce back.

Even today, I make efforts to develop methods that can give essential knowledge of subjects to students, making them able to succeed in exams and solve every problem of life. To give result-oriented work of any level, only desire is not enough; effort is also required because desire isn’t result-oriented, but effort always is

  • Which always keep you awake
  • Which always keep you active
  • Which always make you run
  • Which always fill you with new energy
  • Which always give you new thoughts
  • Which is always self-inspiring for you,

One who learns also tends to attempt mistakes and ultimately improve oneself. If that problem gets an accurate solution, that can make a person someone’s idol in the future.

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